Goal: A Device For Each Second Grade Student

We call on you for help to expedite this initiative and give all students access to the technological opportunities they deserve.

As part of the Board of Education’s Strategic Technology Plan, the county has been working since 2014 to add a variety of ChromeBooks and tablets across all grade levels and schools.  The integration of these mobile technologies and a collaborative learning platform will facilitate learning environments that allow teachers to use digital curriculum and instructional resources to empower students to be creative learners. The use of technology provides students with technology literacy, information literacy, and other skills necessary for the 21st century workplace. MCPS will be making use of the Google Apps for Education platform to provide dynamic resources SUCH AS online storage and web-based applications that promote effective communication and collaboration among students and staff.

During the 2014-2015 school year, 30,000 devices were provided to students in 67 schools in grades 3, 5, and 6 as well as 10,000 units to high schools for use in social studies classes. For 2015-2016, laptops were distributed to grades 4 and 7. Now, the goal is to get ChromeBooks into second grade classrooms. Ideally, each student would have access to their own device during the school day.

Below are elementary schools with more than 70 percent FARMS rates.
Blue denotes schools with more than 90 percent FARMs, Red denotes schools with more than 80 percent FARMs; Yellow denotes schools with more than 70 percent FARMs. The tags will turn Green once their need has been filled.  

Cost of the ChromeBooks

Acer ChromeBook C740 $265

Acer C720P with Touch display with licensing and software $340

A security/charging cart $1,294.

A complete cart (includes 30 chromebooks) $8,854





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