Help Me Make Music

Help Me Make Music

For many students, the lack of an instrument keeps them from taking a seat in an instrumental music class. That instrument in your closet, attic, or garage might be just what a student needs to start making music. The Help Me Make Music campaign wants to give your old instrument a new home in Montgomery County Public Schools.

Donating is easy! Complete the Instrument Donation Form, e-mail instrument photo to the Foundation, and then review the FAQs below. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What instruments will we accept?

Useable instruments are our preferred donation, however, we refurbish or repair instruments whenever possible. If you believe your instrument will require extra care, consider making a monetary contribution along with your instrument donation to help defray costs associated with repair and refurbishment. The sooner we can restore the instrument the sooner we can get it into the hands of a student. Text the word "Music" to 301-329-2238 to donate to our music repair fund.

Due to a lack of storage space, we are not accepting drum sets, pianos, or organs. Please review our Instrument Wish List.

Will my donated instrument be assigned to a student?

If an instrument is evaluated as unrepairable, it will be salvaged for parts and used to restore other instruments to functionality. Functional instruments are given to students who otherwise cannot afford an instrument.

What is the Dropoff Location?


Do I Need to Bring Anything with my Donation?

Please bring the completed instrument donation form with you. Remember to take a picture of your instrument and email it to using the same e-mail address listed on your instrument donation form. The form also includes a deed of goods statement.

Will I Receive a Receipt for the Value of My Donation?

If you would like a monetary value of your donation or an appraisal, you will need to have your donation appraised before you come to our dropoff location. We will provide you with a receipt and follow up with a thank you letter. Please call our office (240-740-3216) to contribute an instrument appraised as having high value.

If you do not appraise your instrument, the Foundation will send you an acknowledgment of your donation but does not provide a receipt. However, the Foundation can send you a copy of the instrument donation form with a staff member's signature confirming instrument intake as proof of donation. To request a copy of your staff-signed form, email the Foundation at


What Our Donors Said

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