Dine With Dignity 


Last year, 34,000 alternative meals were distributed to students who do not meet the 
qualifications for Free and Reduced-price Meals System
(FARMS), and whose student
lunch accounts were in arrears. The replacement occurs at
the point of checkout, and
readily identifies
the student as not being able to buy lunch.

The Foundation supports a program that would allow students to receive the lunch of
their choice,
and also would work with parents to: a) explain the importance of nutrition in 
academic achievement;
b) help the parent to apply for Free and Reduced-priced Meal 
System (FARMS) if the family qualifies;
c) work with parents who do not qualify for FARMS 
to make a contribution within their means toward
the arrears balance of the account.

To support this program, donate online, or on your cell phone (text DINE to 301-329-2238).

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