Scholarships Guidelines

*Update from March 2, 2021*

The Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) Educational Foundation, Inc. (the Foundation) is partnering with Montgomery County representatives in the Maryland General Assembly to offer scholarship opportunities. As legislative partners confirm their intent to us, updates will be posted on our website: and added to the online portal.

We are sorry to announce that the Foundation is not offering the Paul L. Vance Scholarship this year.

Please check the Scholarships website page for the most up to date list of participating District Numbers and Legislative Partners.

Before applying, please first read the requirements listed below to ensure you are eligible to apply.

Additionally, please verify your legislative district via Who Are Your Elected Officials? At to make sure you reside in the district where we have partners. If your legislators are not listed, you should contact their offices to inquire about their scholarship process.



  • Students graduating in 2021 from a MCPS high school
  • Reside in a district where we have partners with one or more of your legislators (see listing online)
  • Have filed the Free Application for Federal Aid (FAFSA) or have a Tax Identification Number (TNN)
  • Student attending out-of-state schools are not eligible unless the Maryland Higher Education Commission has provided certification that your major is unique (unavailable at a Maryland state college /university.)


  • Online application, with three short answer essays
  • A copy of your current MCPS high school transcript from your Registrar, inclusive of you first semester grades, submitted online by the deadline.
  • Proof of application to Montgomery College or public Maryland College/ University
    • Copy of application or
    • Letter of admission from a college or university
  • If eligible, FAFSA with a copy of the Student Aid Report (SAR) or TNN (kept in confidential file)
  • Please check or ask your parent or guardian to confirm your delegate / senator:

Please do not include extra materials beyond those required, they will not be reviewed.

Application Portal click here.

Deadline for Receipt of all Materials via the online process