Technology Grants

Technology Grants

Making School Computers Available to Families After School Hours

Innovative after-school technology programs are supported through Foundation funds. Grants provide the opportunity to open school computer labs in the evenings to facilitate parent participation in their student's school work.  

Apply for a Technology Extended Hours Grant

The grant process for FY 2020 is currently open.  Apply through our grant application portal

Questions:  E-mail:   Call: 240-740-3218

Note:  Funds can be used to pay staff members at $25.00 an hour (budget $27.00 an hour to include employee benefits) to work with students and families and provide help as needed to pay for miscellaneous costs such as, postage for invitations, instructional materials for parents to take home, printed bilingual materials, or paper for certificates of participation. The Foundation does not fund consultants or services provided by non-MCPS employees.  Funds cannot be used for equipment or software.