Dine with Dignity - Sponsor a School

Dine with Dignity - Sponsor a School

Dine with Dignity Logo 2021Cover the total lunch debt for an MCPS school

The Dine with Dignity Sponsorship Program has a goal of signing up a sponsor for each of the 206 MCPS schools. School sponsorship can be achieved with a monthly contribution starting as low as $2.80 per month over 18 months (July 2021 through December 2022).

Although school sponsorships start at $50.00 (or $2.80/month over 18 months), smaller contributions also are appreciated. If you would like to donate less than that, please contribute to the Dine with Dignity general fund

MCPS Educational Foundation's Dine with Dignity program proudly works to support a school cafe environment that affirms each student's dignity. Find out more about Dine with Dignity.

Donate Now - Sponsor a School

You can make a one-time payment of the full sponsorship amount, or take up to 18 months to fulfill your sponsorship in small payments of equal amounts.

Are you interested in sponsoring a specific school?
See if it's available on this list: Available School Sponsorships (Alpha List)

Do you have a specific sponsor amount to give?
See which MCPS school fits your price range on this list: Available School Sponsorships (Amount List)

Please remember to select your chosen school on the donation form drop-down list.  *NOTE: Your selected school is your first choice. If your first choice has already been sponsored, your contribution will become a general contribution to the Dine with Dignity program, or another school may be selected. 

Giving levels below include transaction fee of 2.598% + .26 per donation.

To give by check, download, complete and send our check donation form.

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