Collaborative Programs

Collaborative Programs

Programs must be from an individual school or a districtwide program.


This program involves an internal collaboration to be held in an individual school. When applying one leader will be listed and responsible for organizing the collaboration and the online year-end reporting. The collaboration may include up to five (5) staff members, including the leader, to define one program.

Multi-site, District-Wide

Up to five (5) staff members may join together to submit a grant proposal. This collaborative selection involves district-wide program and may have multiple locations. The total request for funding should be no greater than $1,000 per staff member, total of $5,000 overall. A project leader must be identified and will be the responsible contact and must submit the year-end grant report.


The deadline to apply is Monday, September 16, 2019. An online tutorial is available and will provide directives about how to invite collaborators and assign usage. It is advised that the leader give all collaborator permission to edit. Principals, supervisors, or directors must be invited collaborators to allow them to review the application and sign-off.

Permission to submit the application and online year-end report should be restricted to the leader who is the overall contact for the proposal.