No Argument About Dynamic Debate’s Generosity

Dynamic-Debate-logoStudent-run debate organization donates $3,500 to help MCPS students

Dynamic Debate is a student-run business lead by Jason Hu, Navin Durbhakul, and Tejas Nazare (all top debaters at their high schools). The business provides debate tutoring for students who cannot afford expensive instruction with the help of three to four additional tutors. Dynamic Debate also donates a portion of the money it raises through its tutoring to educational programs that help under-resourced students.

“Although our team is small,” said Hu, Chief Executive Officer of Dynamic Debate, “we have been able to teach more than 300 students over the past year and a half, and raise tens of thousands of dollars in funding for educational initiatives and classrooms that serve underprivileged populations.”

Two of those educational initiatives were MCPS Educational Foundation (Foundation) campaigns: GIVE BACKpacks and Dine with Dignity.

“We came across MCPS Educational Foundation’s campaigns while researching charities to put our proceeds towards,” explained Hu. “It became clear these initiatives were the perfect fit. By providing educational materials and school lunches for in-need students, these campaigns make the best use of our proceeds in the most direct way.”

With money collected from their debate classes, Dynamic Debate contributed $2,500 to the GIVE BACKpacks campaign. With this donation, the student debaters provided necessary school supplies for 250 students – approximately an entire grade level.

DWD Logo.pngDynamic Debate also donated $1,000 to Dine with Dignity, a program created to settle end-of-year school lunch debt balances. The program began in 2018, when the Montgomery County Board of Education suspended its practice of giving alternative meals to students in debt. 

“We are honored to have the opportunity to give back to our own community through what we have done,” said Hu. “We hope that the fact we are able to do so, even as high schoolers, will inspire others in our community to work together to uplift each other.”

Find out more about Dynamic Debate or make a donation to the GIVE BACKpacks or Dine with Dignity campaigns.