Technology Grant Archive

2013-2014 Technology Grants

School Teacher Project Name Funded Amt - Rounded
BURTONSVILLE ES Ms. Kimberly L Kimber Burtonsville Extended Hours Technology $2,186
CLARKSBURG HS Mr. James P. Koutsos “Getting In” (Classes and
JOHN F. KENNEDY HS Mr. Joe L. Rubens, Jr. Flipping the Classroon $2,905
BROOKHAVEN ES Mr. Sahid Muhammad Extended Hours Technology $2,900
SOUTH LAKE ES Ms. Angelina K. Ferri South Lake Family Lab $3,000
TWINBROOK ES Ms. Amy J. Alonso On My Way $2,978
WATKINS MILL ES Mrs. Ginger L. DeStefano Technology Time $2,444
WELLER ROAD ES Ms. Michaele O. Simmons After School  Computer Lab $2,945
Dr. Linda E. WIlliams Education Opportunities withTechnology   $1,500
TOTAL     $23,093