Payment Options

Payment Options

One Great Cause; Many Ways to Give

Donate Online

Contributions via credit card are accepted online.

Send a Money Order or Check

You may send your check or money order made payable to the MCPS
Educational Foundation
with any acknowledgement information to:

MCPS Educational Foundation, Inc.
P O Box 1007
Rockville, MD 20849 - 1007

Stock Transfer or Workplace Campaigns

We also accept gifts via:

Try our new mobile giving option

We have added another way for you to give and immediately put your contribution to work!

Simply text the amount of money you'd like to give to the number 301-329-2238. The first time you do, you will have to register your payment details, but after that you can make a donation in under 10 seconds!

Example: Let's say you have decided to give $25. Just text the phrase "Give 25" to the
phone number 301-329-2238 and voila! The gift is made and immediately acknowledged.

Txt2Give Slide

Other Tips: Save the number 301-329-2238 into your contacts on your phone for quick reference.

To update your credit card information text the phrase "Update Card" to the same
number 301-329-2238

Security: We use an application called "Txt2Give" to provide this simple and secure way to make mobile donations.

However you choose to donate, we thank you for your interest and generosity!