Honor Roll of Donors

MCPS Cares Honor Roll Donors

A very big thank you to the individuals who gave their support to the FY2018 Campaign.

Your gift helped these charities make their mission a reality.

Note: this list is updated as donations are made and processed.

students in class


A.P. (Advanced Philanthropist) Donors

  • Dr. Jack R. Smith, Superintendent
  • Susan H. Thomson, Bells Mill Elementary School
  • Judith Teitelbaum, Bells Mill Elementary School
  • Baohua Xu, Department of Shared Accountability
  • Angelisa Rice, Eastern Middle School
  • Robert Reilly, Financial Services
  • Robyn L. Graham, Financial Services
  • Margaret Flagg, Hadley Farms
  • Luz Leon, Infants and Toddlers
  • Debora A. Gresalfi, Infants and Toddlers
  • Sandra Laurie, John F. Kennedy High School
  • Jennifer Lyons, John F. Kennedy High School
  • Darlene Botsford, Jones Lane Elementary School
  • Jacqueline M. Rebok, Language Assistance Services Unit
  • Courtney Hebert, Lathrop E Smith Center
  • Antonio M. Carrillo, Lathrop E Smith Center
  • Stephanie Lee, Lathrop E Smith Center
  • Laurie C. Jenkins, Lathrop E Smith Center
  • Rebecca Dickinson, Luxmanor Elementary School
  • Margaret Susan Prin, Maryvale Elementary School
  • Stefanie McGough, Monocacy Elementary School
  • Darlene Y. Conerly, Montgomery Knolls Elementary School
  • Laurie Burney, Montgomery Knolls Elementary School
  • Beverly A. Wilson, Newport Mill Middle School
  • Ruth Musicante, Office of Human Resources and Development
  • Janae Robinson-Casey, Office of the Chief of Staff
  • Cynthia Bangali, Partnerships Unit
  • Laurie S. Checco, Procurement Unit
  • Julie Wade, Program Evaluation Unit
  • Elmore L. Holland, Randolph Maintenance Depot
  • Roberta Reasoner, School Library Media Programs
  • Anita Knuth, Stonegate Elementary School
  • Maria G. Arias, Stonegate Elementary School
  • Mary Eileen O'Sullivan, Summit Hall Elementary School
  • Scott DeGusperis, Takoma Park Middle School
  • Alan L. Heard, Transportation
  • Duyen M. Chang, Wheaton High School

Honor Roll Donors

  • Jerri L. Oglesby, Bells Mill Elementary School
  • Elinor J. Rouff, Division of Business, Fiscal and Information Systems
  • Deborah Anne Ray, Lake Seneca Elementary School
  • Mekonnen Abote, Language Assistance Services Unit
  • Maria V. Navarro, Office of the Chief Academic Officer
  • Sharon Helen, Vaughn School Technology Support
  • Olga Rosales, Silver Creek Middle School
  • Julie A. Black ,Wheaton High School