Small Grants Archive

2019-2020* Grants Awarded

*Grants awarded were given an extension into 2020-2021 due to the disruptions created by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.



MCPS Staff/Teacher

Project Name


1. Autism Office Mr. Domenick M. Fabii P (Preparing) L (Learners with) A (Autism) N (Now) $598.00
2. Autism Program Mrs. Lisa C. Grant ID bracelets for preschoolers with autism, collaboration with MC police $5,000.00
3. CESC Office of Special ED - Autism Dr. Susan Mason-Gauvreau Providing sensory materials to help learners with autism to self-regulate $1,264.00
4. CESC Office of Special ED - Autism Ms. Jennifer L. King Safety/Self-advocacy Bracelets/Shoe Tags for Students with Autism $3,000.00
5. Benjamin Banneker MS Mrs. Gina G. Miller Classroom Libraries for Weekly DEAR Time $1,000.00
6. Beverly Farms ES Mrs. Rena Reese Beverly Farms Sensory Path $1,000.00
7. Montgomery Blair HS Ms. Jennifer Eaton Ladies of Blair Cultural Excursion $770.00
8. James Hubert Blake HS Ms. Danielle D'Anna Blake Dance Department Enrichment: Beyond the Classroom $500.00
9. James Hubert Blake HS Mrs. Mckenzie H. Phelps Adaptive Physical Education and Leadership Opportunities $1,000.00
10. Carl Sandburg Learning Center Ms. Alicia M. Waitsman Social Emotional Learning Library $1,000.00
11. Cashell ES Mrs. Kendra L. Seligman Core Language Across the Day $999.00
12. Cashell ES Mrs. Esther M. Mittelman Flexible Seating for Success $827.00
13. Dr. Charles R. Drew ES Mrs. Nadine Allen Mindfulness and Second Step $1,500.00
14. Thomas Edison HS of Technology Mr. Nicholas Manning CompTIA Security+ Certification Test $1,075.00
15. Thomas Edison HS of Technology Mr. Jason S. Potyk Edison ServSafe 2020 $1,000.00
16. Albert Einstein HS Mrs. Taylor A. Hartman Enriching Extensions $1,000.00
17. Emory Grove ES Mrs. Erika L. McCrea Sensory Stimulation $5,000.00
18. Farmland ES Ms. Anne R. Kasab Promoting Movement and Vocal Exploration for Elementary LFI Students through Adaptive Music $493.00
19. Foundations Office Mr. Steven D. Boden Montgomery County Students Information Technology Foundation Certifications $1,000.00
20. Garrett Park ES Miss Allison Frank Flexible Seating to support Creative Thinking and Social Emotional Learning $1,000.00
21. Germantown ES Ms. Patricia Kennedy Kindness Campaign Mural
(Linda Adams Education Grant)
22. Germantown ES Mre. Katherine P. Schroeder-Smith Improving participation of special needs students $2,300.00
23. Greenwood ES Ms. Megan L. Falzarano Flexible Seating $800.00
24. Highland ES Ms. Alexandra R. Moses Coding Robots $3,600.00
25. Infants and Toddlers Downcounty Mrs. Jacqueline N. Barnes Using Our Five Senses for Early Development $1,857.00
26. Infants and Toddlers Upcounty Ms. Rachel Henry Project Impact $1,000.00
27. JoAnn Leleck ES at Broad Acres Mr. Matthew Wells Inspiring the Mathematicians of Tomorrow $800.00
28. John F. Kennedy HS Mr. Lawrence M. Bateman CYBERPATRIOT - John F. Kennedy $330.00
29. John F. Kennedy HS Mr. Casey H. Siddons Materials for Success - the Academy of Health Professions $970.00
30. Lake Seneca ES Ms. Jennifer M. Bulebush Promoting emotional well-being and learning through movement $1,698.00
31. Little Bennett ES Ms. Abigail C. Dobey Sensory Strategies for Success in the Classroom $4,993.00
32. MacDonald Knolls Early Childhood Center Ms. Cindy Chichester-Ollivierre Squeals on Wheels Indoor Field Trip to Support Awesome Animals Thematic Unit $578.00
33. MacDonald Knolls Early Childhood Center Ms. Cindy Chichester-Ollivierre Sensory Pathways to Learning $2,500.00
34. MacDonald Knolls Early Childhood Center Mrs. Kimberly Hartung Learning Through Play $833.33
35. MacDonald Knolls Early Childhood Center Mrs. Kimberly Hartung Integration Movement and Play to Promote Learning $833.33
36. MacDonald Knolls Early Childhood Center Mrs. Kimberly Hartung Wellness 365 $833.33
37. Meadow Hall ES Ms. Kristen Binder MHES Autism Life Skills Program $1,000.00
38. Montgomery Knolls ES Ms. Jessica N. Zeiler Amharic Books for Ehtiopian Students $190.00
39. Montgomery Knolls ES Mrs. Sarah E. Kio Expand use of Multisensory Tools to Improve Reading Foundational Skills $1,000.00
40. OSSI Dr. Inger D. Swimpson The Collaborative - DONDing MSP through Equity and Excellence in Education $1,050.00
41. PEP Building Bridges Ms. Susan D. Greifer I Can Sit and Learn -- Supporting Special Needs Preschoolers in an Inclusive Setting $621.00
42. Physical Disabilities Program Ms. Laura A. Money Standing in School with Postural Support $3,450.00
43. Piney Branch ES Ms. Ahsley Heard The PBES Fifth Grade Spring Musical Production of Disney's "Lion King Kids"
(Charles A. Eichler Music Education Grant)
44. John Poole MS Mrs. Shari K. Yesnick Using STEAM to Build Biodiversity $1,000.00
45. Poolesville HS Mr. John L. Butler Poolesville Music Cafe $481.00
46. Dr. Sally K. Ride ES Mrs. Elise Burgess The Power of Our Words $600.00
47. Rock Terrace School Mrs. Taylor A. Hartman Leisure Activity Training $1,000.00
48. Rockville HS Mrs. Gretchen Edwards Include Me! $186.00
49. Rocky Hill MS Mrs. Lorie Quinn Environmental Education $1,500.00
50. Seneca Valley HS Mrs. Elain M. Shute CCMA review $975.00
51. Seneca Valley HS Mr. Adam R. Stephens Seneca Valley HS Clinician Project
(Wayne E. Whigham Music Education Grant)
52. Sherwood HS Mrs. Lisa M. Gilbert Teaching Future Chefs to be more Hospitable $1,000.00
53. Flora M. Singer ES Mrs. Mandy L. Riggin Flexible Seating Classroom to meet Student's Needs $2,998.00
54. Stedwick ES Miss Mary McGinn Music Composition: Ukulele as a Vehicle for Learning $500.00
55. Strathmore ES Mrs. Lynne B. Frese Making Friends Through Play $956.00
56. Summit Hall ES Mrs. Heather R. Hunter LEGO Robotics $1,065.00
57. Watkins Mill HS Mrs. Emily J. Nalda ServSafe and ProStart Exam Fees for Certification $1,000.00
58. Weller Road ES Miss Bernadette A. Freeland Teaching STEAM with KEVA Planks $1,000.00
59. Westover and Germantown ES Mrs. Elyce Brauwerman Creating a soothing space for students $500.00