Small Grants Archive

2021-2022 Grants Awarded



MCPS Staff/Teacher

Project Name


1. Ashburton ES Ms. Leslie A. Barr Ukuleles for Ashburton ES $500.00
2. Beall ES Mrs. Holly M. Cullum Beall Community Outdoor Mural $500.00
3. Montgomery Blair HS Mr. Jeremy A. Stelzner Silver Chips Print $1,000.00
4. James Hubert Blake HS Mr. Robert Sinclair, Jr. COVID-19 Outdoor Seating $2,000.00
5. DuFief ES Mrs. Carrie Nass Outdoor Dining at DuFief $810.00
6. Albert Einstein HS Mr. Lansana Bangura Support Computer Science $4,050.00
7. Fairland ES Ms. Ivette Burgess Fairland Falcons "Flying" to New Heights $500.00
8. Farmland ES Ms. Anne R. Kasab Uke and Me: Creating Community $1,000.00
9. William H. Farquhar MS Mrs. Stephanie M. Gould Makerspace $1,000.00
10. Foundations Office Mr. Steven D. Boden ITF CompTIA Certification Vouchers $1,485.00
11. Gaithersburg HS Mrs. Elizabeth Nardin Butterfly & Sensory Garden $1,000.00
12. Glenallan ES Mrs. Hannah R. Rushing Glenallan Elementary Instrument Fund $500.00
13. Greencastle ES Mrs. Kelly M. Moon Multimodal PreK Support $5,000.00
14. Greencastle ES Mrs. Shannon Hammonds-Richardson SEL Can Happen Anywhere $2,000.00
15. JoAnn Leleck ES at Broad Acres ES Ms. Judy L. Barth Bulldog Drum Circle $3,000.00
16. JoAnn Leleck ES at Broad Acres ES Mr. Matthew W. Wells 3-D Pens for 3-D Learning $600.00
17. A. Mario Loiderman MS Mr. John David Maybury Building and Coding Machines to Perform $982.00
18. Longview School Mrs. Jennifer G. Ways Fostering Communication $3,000.00
19. MacDonald Knolls Early Childhood Center Mrs. Kimberly Hartung Empowering Learning $1,000.00
20. Neelsville MS Ms. Vicky Lake-Parcan NMS Picnic Tables $1,000.00
21. New Hampshire Estates ES Mrs. Christine M. Ruszczyk Outdoor Learning $1,000.00
22. New Hampshire Estates ES Mrs. Alison Reside Outdoor shade and seating areas $1403.00
23. Roscoe Nix ES Ms. Gem A. Thompson Astounding Percussion $500.00
24. William Tyler Page ES Ms. Stacey M. Brown Outdoor Streetery Project $1,000.00
25. Physical Disabilities Program Ms. Laura A. Money Postural Support $3,952.00
26. Pre-K/Head Start Dr. Julie S. Shields Addressing Social Emotional Needs of Preschoolers $1,000.00
27. Rockville HS Ms. Caitlin M. Wise Job Skills in COVID-19 $800.00
28. Rolling Terrace ES Ms. Anne L. Koroknay Outdoor Picnic Tables for Flexible Seating $1,300.00
29. Rosemont ES Ms. Claire Calvert CAPP Educational Enhancements $954.00
30. Sherwood ES Mrs. Syndi P. Cohen Sherwood ES SCB $888.00
31. Sherwood HS Mrs. Lisa M. Gilbert Keeping our Student Chefs Safe and Learning $1,000.00
32. Sargent Shriver ES Mrs. Jacqueline C. Russell Uke Can Do It $709.00
33. Silver Creek MS Ms. Trayce R. Diskin Learning is LIT: Reading Intervention Makerspace $1,000.00
34. Flora M. Singer ES Ms. Natalie Ramirez 2022 Flora M. Singer Mosaic Mural Project $1,500.00
35. South Lake ES Mr. Joseph David Bostic, Jr. Learning about the Blues $500.00
36. South Lake ES Mr. Joseph David Bostic, Jr. Art Innovation $500.00
37. Wheaton HS Ms. Margaret Briand Wheaton High School New Literacy Magazine $1,500.00