Small Grants Archive

2001-2002 Grants Awarded


Project Name

1. Argyle MS Argyle Trackers Club to provide student service learning opportunities
2. Argyle MS Encourage summer reading
3. Beverly Farms ES Creating an original Opera
4. Mont. Blair HS Purchase of Panasonic LCD Projector for use in the Piano Lab
3. Beverly Farms ES Creating an original Opera
4. Mont. Blair HS Purchase of Panasonic LCD Projector for use in the Piano Lab
5. Broad Acres ES To fund Journey North Tulip Garden Program
6. Burnt Mills ES Reading Rotation Parent Night event (4)
7. Burtonsville ES Creating an original Opera
8. Cannon Road ES Creating of a Family Book Club
9. Cannon Road ES Kits to support ESOL students at the Family Math night
10.  Carl Sandburg ES Three Sisters Garden
11.  Cold Spring ES To fund a ceramic tile mural
12.  Damascus HS Cross-Age Teaching of science classes in Damascus Cluster
13.  DCI Lodging cost for four HS student who are grand prize science winner
14.  Fairland ES Build early literacy center with manipulative
15.  Farquhar MS Chesapeake Bay Watershed environment study-birds
16.  Forest Knolls ES Mentoring/tutoring program with Blair HS
17.  Fox Chapel ES Student Opera Production Company
18.  Frost MS Project Linus (5th year participant)
19.  Georgian Forest ES Georgian Forest Summer Bookmobile
20.  Goshen ES Renewable Energy Techniques
21.  Greencastle ES Creating an original Opera
22.  Monocacy ES To purchase hands-on materials for PE Partnership program
23.  Monocacy ES To purchase material for "A Day at the Bay"
24.  Mont. Knolls ES Exposure Packs for ESOL students
25.  Mont. Knolls ES Books and Breakfast program for at risk students
26.  New Hampshire Estate Creating and original Opera
27.  North Chevy Chase ES Hands-on Science project-NASA Central at NCC
28.  Oak View ES Purchase interactive game to increase aural listening skills
29.  Oak View ES Funds needed to supplement state grant for summer music teacher
30.  Page ES Chess School for ESOL students
31.  Page ES After School Geometry Club
32.  Page ES Building Literacy Through Storytelling
33.  Poole ES Targeted at-risk students encouraged to participate in are
34.  Pyle Es program"Adversity  and Diversity" science unit for 6th grade. Purchase skeleton
35.  Resnik ES Creating and original Opera
36.  Richard Montgomery HS Supplement the film and media units with documentary films
37.  Richard Montgomery Cluster Book Binding Project
38.  Rock Creek Valley ES To establish and after-school literacy club for at risk K-5
39.  Rock View ES studentsTo purchase    Book Core books for developmental disabled students
40.  SHARP Suspension Career Choice video
41.  Sherwood HS To fund Mr. Patton as a composer in resident
42.  Stone Mill ES To purchase material for Quilt Portfolios
43.  Mart Twain School Funding to establish a dark room for black/white photography
44.  Watkins Mill ES To establish a fourth-grade kindergarten buddy program
45.  Watkins Mill ES To create a home math and literacy box
46.  Watkins Mill ES To fund a series of kindergarten Mascot Writing Kits
47.  Wheaton Woods ES You Books ME Books Let's Read "E" Books
48.  Wood MS To bring the classics to life for students in special education classes
49.  Wootton HS "Happy Birthday, Shakespeare" celebration
  Total $32,224.61