Small Grants Archive

2014-2015 Grants Awarded

  School Teacher Program Title Funded Amount
1. Argyle Magnet MS Ms. Jessica L. McKelvey Notice and Note Book Study $637.00
2. Autism Unit-Spring Mill Center Dr. Susan Mason Social Skills Curriculum $1,000.00
3. Autism Unit-Spring Mill Center Teaching perspective taking to students with ASD Dr. Susan Mason $1,000.00
4. John T. Baker MS Mrs. Lisa Shockey Structure and Engineering-K'nex  $867.00
5. Bells Mill ES Ms. Debra G. Taylor BMEs 3Rs Book of the Month Club (reading, respect) $850.00
6. Broad Acres ES Mr. Fernando Moreno CHESSKIDS Internet Broad Acres Club $500.00
7. Cashell ES Ms. Christina Royster Speech-Language, Pathologist $787.00
8. Winston Churchill HS Mr. David Hall Communication $500.00
9. Winston Churchill HS Mrs. Jenell N. Gillette iPad for Communication $500.00
10. Eastern MS Mr. Ned D. MacFadden Humanities Media Arts $540.00
11. Thomas Edison HS of Technology Ms. Teresa M. Smith and Mr. Jason S. Potyk Restaurant Management/NAF: Academy of Hospitality $1,000.00
12. Flower Valley ES Ms. Joslyn E. Stewart Mice for Laptops $945.00
13. Mrs. Joslyn E. Stewart Specialized Headphones for Testing Flower Valley ES $1,000.00
14. Ms. Barbara L. Baldoni Ruth Rales Comcast Kids Reading Network Forest Knolls ES $984.00
15. Foundations OfficeThomas Edison HS of Technology Mr. Steven D. Boden MCSITF $946.00
16. Georgian Forest ES Mrs. Joanne D. Robbins GFES STEM Lab LEGO Mindstorms $934.00
17. Col. E. Brooke Lee MS Ms. Tammie Burk LEGOS and Lunch:  Building New Friendships $639.00
18. Coalicion de padres hispanos comprometidos con ia education Col. E. Brooke Lee MS Mr. José Jesus Sema $933.00
19. Col.E. Brooke MS Ms. La Faye E. Burris Technology for ESOL students $990.00
20. Col. Zadok Magruder HS Mr. Benjamin E. Brooks Spectrophotometry for solar cells $1,000.00
21. Mr. Michael C. Smith  Young Women In Engineering Col. Zadok Magruder HS $999.00
22. Montgomery County Infant & Toddler Program, Downcounty Infant and Toddlers Program Ms. Kristin J. Duda $1,000.00
23. Montgomery County Infant & Toddler Program, East County Ms. Tina Bensimon Social Communication Grant $1,000.00
24. Montgomery County Infant & Toddler Program, East County Ms. Margarita E. Gomez  Ayudame a Aprender/Help Me Learn $1,000.00
25. Montgomery County Infant & Toddler Program, Emory Grove Center Ms. Lisa Abrams and Ms. Cristine Ceely Reaching for the Stars in Motor Development $1,000.00
26. Montgomery County Infant & Toddler Program, Neelsville-Upcounty Ms. Rachel Henry Voice Output Devices $916.00
27. Montgomery County Infant & Toddler Program, Neelsville-Upcounty Ms. Rachel Henry and Ms. Jill A. Roach Sensory Equipment $943.00
28. Montgomery County Infant & Toddler Program, Neelsville-Upcounty Ms. Stacey Thompson MCITP $999.00
29. Montgomery Village MS Miss Erin H. Ross Autism Program $1,000.00
30. Montgomery Village MS Ms. Kathleen L. Tiedemann Autism Program $1,000.00
31. Ms. Heather M. O'Connor Stability balls for atrisk students Newport Mill MS $792.00
32. Newport Mill MS Ms. Courtney A.Wells Fatal Vision Goggles $682.00
33. Northwood HS Ms. Belvey Russ Elmo for ESOL $654.00
34. Northwood HS Mrs. Eden ReffPresco Wildlife Habitat and Gallery Walk $975.00
35. Ms. Sheryl H. Winans Physical Disabilities Office Access for Everyone $882.00
36. Regional Institute for Children and Adolescents (RICA) Ms. Anne M. Silbey Comfort Rooms $629.00
37. Regional Institute for Children and Adolescents (RICA) Mrs. Teresa M. Cleary and Ms. Anne M. Silbey Coping strategy tools $816.00
38. Carl Sandburg Learning Center Ms. Rebecca N. Frick $1,000.00
39. Mr. George Kallarackal School Community Based Springbrook HS $919.00
40. Mrs. Eleanor K. Smith The Martian Colony Project Stedwick ES $585.00
41. Stephen Knolls School Ms. Kara E. Farrell Providing Sensory Opportunities $1,000.00
42. UDL/Technology and Common Core State Curricula Stephen Knolls School Mrs. Lucy J. Nolan $964.00
43. Strawberry Knoll ES Mrs. Betsy Cavanaugh-O'Keefe Beginnings Technology $689.00
44. Strawberry Knolls ES Mrs. Kristy E. Martin Autism Program $795.00
45. Transition Services Office:   Spring Mill Office  Mrs. Emily M. Luedtke Work Training Program $993.00
46. Washington Grove ES Mrs. Rebecca L. Kolibab Preschool Education Program $885.00
47. Washington Grove ES Ms. Laura  A. Money PEP $964.00
48. Weller Road ES Miss Bernadette A. Freeland STEM Robotics $983.00
49. Woodlin ES Ms. Jayne EnglertBurns Enhancing Communication through Technology $939.00
50. Woodlin ES Mrs. Tiffany Howard and Mrs. Megan B. Riguga Multi Motor Skills Toolkit $750.00
  TOTAL     $43,305.00