Small Grants Archive

2012-2013 Grants Awarded





1. Argyle MS

Mr. Chad Beswich and Mr. Peter Tozzi

Adding Up Steps for Success $485.00
2. Autism Unit Ms. Tina Garland Sensory Integration Materials $980.00
3. Autism Unit Ms. Lisa Grant Sensory Integration Materials $1,000.00
4. Autism Unit Ms. Susan Mason Autism Unit $1,000.00
5. Lucy V. Ms. Patricia C. Bush Go-Cart Elmo $1,000.00

Barnsley ES Bells Mill ES

Ms. Debra Taylor

Best Buddies Learn Tolerance & Inclusion Creating Mosaic

7. Cabin John MS Ms. Kara E. Farrell School Community Based Program $4,190.00
8. Roberto Clemente Ms. Sherry Trahan School Community Based and LFI $915.00
9. MSClopper  Mill ES Ms. Mary Beth Lewis Money Math for Independence $946.00
10. Clopper Mill ES Ms. Mary Beth Lewis Learning Independent Work
11. Clopper Mill ES Ms. Krystle M. Manzano Autism Spectrum Disorders Program $934.00
12. Dr. Charles R.
Drew ES
Ms. Susan H. Pickel Lego After School Club $690.00
13. East Silver Ms. Christine M. Yoga Class 'Yogi Doo' $948.00
14. SpringThomas ES 
Edison HS of
Ms. Teresa Marie Smith
Restaurant Management $1,000.00
15. Technology
Flower Valley
Ms. Concetta R. Goodrich

Interactive, Accessible Video Instruction - K–5

16. Flower Valley ES Ms. Kathryn A. Kvarda

Interactive, Accessible Video Instruction for Special Classes

17.  Flower Valley
Ms. Joslyn Steward Specialized Earphones for
MCPS Testing
18. Gaithersburg ES Ms. Susan Smith GES Students Taking Shape in Fusion $773.00
19. Germantown ES Ms. Dana  E. Walker PEP Comprehensive $642.00
20. William B.
Gibbs, Jr. ES
Mrs. Traci A. Blumberg Fast Track Reading
Comprehension Program
21. Glenallan ES Ms. Michele Grasso Access for US Boardmarker Plus $345.00
22. Greenwood ES Ms. Susan V. Newman Architectural Towers $837.00
John F.
Kennedy HS
Ms. Arlene R. CarboneBrown
Learning for
Community Based Program
24. Stephen Knolls Ms. Lucy J. Nolan Accessing the Promethean Board $1,000.00
25. Col. E.
Brooke Lee
Ms. Margaret Rudt School Beautification Project $500.00
26. MSCol. E. 
Brooke Lee
Mrs. Angela G. Ventura

PALA Book Club-Padres y Alumnos Latinos en Accion

27. MS
Lakelands Park
Ms. Lenore J. Hoover World Textiles: Mosaic
Residency with Arturo Ho
28. Longview Ms. Annette Phillips Multi-Sensory Initiative (MSI) $1,000.00
29. SchoolCol. Zadok           
Magruder HS
Ms. Carol L. Gregory Inquiry with Solar Cells and Nanotechnology $800.00
30. Maryvale ES Mrs. Virginia E. McDonagh

Comprehensive Autism Preschool Program

31. MCITPDown

Ms. Tara A. Carpenter and Ms. Sharon Galitzer

Dream Team $674.00
32. County,
Ms. Jamie C. Hecox Sensory Materials Trial Toolbox $996.00
33. MCITPEmory

Dr. Christine Ceely and Mrs. C. Montgomery

Multi-lingual education text supplies $1,000.00
34. Grove MCITP-
Ms. Judith L. Spalding Libros, Libros y Mas Libros $955.00
35. Grove MCITP-

Ms. Jennifer L. Kalisz and Ms. Tara Lewerenz

Sensory Fun for Infants and Toddlers $1,000.00
36. Grove MCITP-

Ms. Rachel Henry and Ms. Lisa Glines

MCITP $790.00
37. Site
Mill Creek
Towne ES
Mr. Eric Celarier

Andre Morellet Probability and Measuring Exercise

38. Oak View ES Ms. Sandra L. Eicheler Percussion Discussion $186.00
39. Pine Crest ES Ms. Tikia Ballard S.T.E.M. Canbe Fun!!! $930.00
40. Redland MS Ms. Michelle Lugo First Lego Robotics League $771.00
41. RICA Regional
Institute for
Children and
Ms. Michellege Schultze
Study Carrels for Achievement
42. AdolescentsRICA Regional           
Institute for
Children and
Ms. Annie Sibley

Sensory Integration Equipment Phase II

43. AdolescentsRockville HS  Mr. Gregg M. Gochnour School Beautification $900.00
44. Rocky Hill MS Ms. Jessica L. Price and Ms. Lisa Sessa The Power of Multi-Model
Teaching with At-Risk Youth
45. Flora M.
Singer ES
Ms. Sheri M. Fogle Behavior Clinic $937.00
46. Julius West MS Mrs. Robin H. Mesard TECKids $285.00
47. Westover ES Ms. Carly E, Hockenberry Elementary Autism Program $924.00
48. Earale B.
Wood MS
Ms. Susan C. Gross Science Department $600.00
  TOTAL     $42,974.00