Small Grants Archive

2002-2003 Grants Awarded


Project Name

1. Argyle MS Girls club for students who have difficulty communicating and controlling anger
2. Beall ES Allowing at-risk students and their families to use the Smithsonian Institute as a weekend classroom
3. Beverly Farms ES Creating an original Opera
4. Mont. Blair HS Purchase piano books and CDs for a classroom listening station
5. Broad Acres ES Books Alive project to highlight reading comprehension
6. Brookhaven ES Establish a lending library of books on tapes and tape recorders for non- English-speaking students and parents
7. Burnt Mills ES Reading Rotation Parent Night event (4)
8. Burtonsville ES Creating an original Opera
9. Rachel Carson ES Purchase a button press and materials
10. Chevy Chase ES Purchase drums and percussion instruments
11. Winston Churchill HS Provide SAT or ACT preparation classes for students who cannot afford them
12. Clarksburg ES Space Exploration Unit in physical education curriculum
13. Capt. James Daly ES To provide materials for Summer Success enrichment program
14. Damascus ES For fourth and fifth grade volunteers and parents working daily with primary grade students
15. Damascus HS Cross-Age Teaching of science classes in Damascus Center
16. Diamond ES Children's books to foster understanding and appreciation of art history
17. Department of Student Services To provide funds for adjudicated students so they can take the practice GED test
18. Department of Vision Enable blind and visually impaired students to travel to Ski Liberty for a day of adaptive skiing instruction
19. East Silver Spring ES Purchase Second Step Prevention Program
20. Eastern MS For technology materials that meets needs of students who require assistance in managing inappropriate behaviors
21. Forest Knolls ES Establish a World of Dogs museum/traveling exhibit
22. Fox Chapel ES Expansion of Two Paws Up Kids Opera company
23. Fox Chapel ES Purchase drums for World Music Drumming curriculum
24. Robert Frost MS Funbrain, an education site for parents, students, and educators
25. Robert Frost MS Ongoing participation in Project Linus
26. Gaithersburg ES Books to support Partners with Families in Reading
27. Gaithersburg MS Supper Club program, a daily living skills activity for visually impaired students
28. Glenallan ES Listening center and retelling materials for kindergarten students
29. Goshen ES Gardening tools and supplies for landscaping club
30. Greencastle ES Creating an original Opera
31. Greenwood ES Construction Zone program
32. Walter Johnson HS To purchase lab equipment for biology classes
33. Kemp Mill ES To purchase lady beetle larvae and related books and supplies
34. Kensington Parkwood ES Type to Learn program for keyboarding club
35. Martin Luther King Jr. MS To have a speech viewer facilitate computer-aided instruction for students with speech and communication difficulties
36. Kingsley Wilderness Burnisher and vacuum clear as part of on-the-job training
37. Longview School courseStep-by -Step Communicators for students with severe and profound disabilities
38. Longview School Adapter Rifton chair with tray to assist students with disabilities
39. Matsunaga Es/Longview School For musical instruments and materials to play music and explore various cultures
40. Matsunaga Es/Longview School To purchase Rifton Small Toilet System to support students functional life skills component of aquatic program
41. Ronald McNair Es Puppet theater and hand puppets that represent characters found in fables, folk and fairy tales
42. Richard Montgomery HS To purchase Japanese-related films to supplement AP literature and composition unit
43. Mont. Knolls Es Butterfly habitat in the school courtyard
44. Neelsville ES Multi-ethnic instruments to support World Music Drumming curriculum
45. New Hampshire Estate ES Creating an original Opera
46. North Chevy Chase ES Purchase materials to complete three hands-on,
multidisciplinary projects related to the schools' Aviation
47. Oak View Es Photojournalism project
48. William Tyler Page ES Purchase materials to provide an extended interdisciplinary learning opportunity
49. Piney Branch ES Provide books, materials, and mentors to prepare for science expos
50. John Poole MS "The Fang", an anthology of student writing and visual arts
51. Pyle MS Purchase of micropipettes for biotechnology unit
52. Rock Creek Valley ES Material to assemble 100 Cultural Conversations
53. Rock View ES CollaborationsIncrease collection Kits  of ethnic clothing and books for
Clothing Around the World
54. SHARP Suspension Program Purchase videos to encourage suspended students to stay in school
55. Sherwood ES Purchase video gaming system and educational games to reinforce concepts, creative thinking, and positive behavior
56. Sligo MS Supplemental study skills materials to improve academic skills and apply study strategies
57. Smith Center Vernier Labpros and probe-ware to enhance stream study/ water quality
58. South Lake ES Support parent outreach program to identify parent needs and offer workshops and volunteer opportunities
59. Stephen Knolls Purchase treadmill and weight-bearing support system to help students with severe and profound disabilities proactive walking
60. Watkins Mill ES Instructional materials to be used in a literacy boost program
61. Earle B. Wood MS Purchase Bill Nye: The Science Guy Videos
62. Thomas S. Wootton HS Supplies, costumes, and outside experts for schoolwide Harlem Renaissance Celebration
  TOTAL $48,934.35