Small Grants Archive

2010-2011 Grants Awarded

  School Teacher Program Funded Amount
1. Autism Unit Ms. Stacy Ellis Laureate Special Needs $568.00
31. Col. Zadok Mrs. Kelly Gallo Solar Car Races $1,800.00
32. Magruder HS Maryvale ES Ms. Jenny Cangilla Comprehensive Autism Preschool Program $900.00
33. Maryvale ES Ms. Leah Drozdowciz Anti-Bullying Program $575.00
34. Maryvale ES Ms. Rosalind Sawadogo Terrarium Ecosystems $646.00
35.   Mill Creek Towne ES   Mr. Eric Celarier Christo and Jeane-Claude Recycling & Probability Cylinders $310.92
36. MCITP- (Childen's Ms. Lisa Kwak MCITP $916.95
37. Resource Center) MCITP-(Emory Grove) Ms. Bonnie Endick Outreach: Screening Informati at County Fair $1,000.00
38. MCITP-(Emory Grove) Tara Lewerenz Sensory Processing Tools/Infa and Toddlers Program $998.39
39. MCITP- (Upper/Neelsville) Rachel Henry and Janet Schnabel Infant and Toddler Program $220.90
40. MCITP- (Upper/Neelsville) Rachel Henry and Tamara Karver Feeding Kits $990.36
41. MCITP- (Upper/Neelsville) Nancy Kasner and Randy M. Kurjan Infant and Toddler Program $1,002.00
42. Montgomery Knolls ES Mr. John Alcobe Parent Resources/Computer Center $1,000.00
43. Montgomery Knolls ES Mr. Vincent Fazzalare After School Programs Scholarships $1,000.00
44. Newport Mill ES Ms. Ellen Turvey Outdoor Interactive Science Classroom $1,000.00
45. Oak View ES Ms. Sandra Eichler Everything Old is New Again $480.00
46. Paint Branch HS Ms. Arjunia Oakley Academic Reading $750.00
47. RICA Mrs. Michelle Schultze Dynamic Data $494.95
48. RICA Mrs. Michelle Schultze Stand Up for Learning $1,122.00
49. RICA Mrs. Michelle Schultze Understanding Math $402.82
50.   Rock Creek Valley ES Mrs. Walthall, Ms. Wett, & Mrs Lawrence Deaf and Hard of Hearing Pre-K Program $1,000.00
51. Rock View ES Ms. Kristen Schroeder Behavior Clinic $932.87
52. Rolling Terrace ES Michelle Spatafors Spectacular Science Centers $1,000.00
53. Sligo MS Mrs. Christa Campos- Abdoun Sligo Middle School's Art Program: Unity Murals $1,000.00
54. Springbrook HS Mr. Steven Kaatz Audiobooks $989.70
55. Stephen Knolls Ms. Lucy Nolan Moving with Ease $2,775
56. SchoolStonegate                  ES Ms. Anita Elaraj After School Academy $306.53
57. Stone Mill ES Ms. Alicia Thompson Literacy through technology $408.00
58. Summit Hall ES Ms. Lisa Gallo Technology Upgrades $1,000.00
59. Takoma Park MS Ms. Ann Speros Mosaic Art $1,000.00
60. Julius West MS Davina Placella Knitting Club/Sewing Club $300.00
61. Westover ES Ms. Anitra Butler Olympians Opposing Obesity $1,000.00
62. White Oak MS Mrs. Maria Nazzario After School Connections for ESOL/LEP Students (ACES) $452.74
63. Earle B. Wood MS Mr. Dave O'Shell Wood Comic Book Club $1,000.00
64. Thomas B. Wootton Dr. Lee M. Hirsch Just in Time Physics $179.00
  TOTAL           $52,663.05

Please download the pdf for the full list of small grants awarded.