Small Grants Archive

2011-2012 Grants Awarded

  School Teacher Program Funded Amount
1. Autism Unit Ms. Stacy Ellis Laureate Special Needs Software $568.00
2. Autism Unit Ms. Tina Garland Sensory Integration $905.58
3. Autism Unit Ms. Kristin Secan MaterialsAutism: Strategies A -Z $1,000.00
4. Autism Unit Ms. Kristin Secan Teaching Students with Autism and Asperger's $1,000.00
5. Burnt Mills ES Mrs. Glenis Quimby SyndromeStrategies  To Assist Reading (STAR) $1,000.00
6. Cabin John MS Mrs. Kara E. Farrell School Community Based Program $1,698.00
7. Roberto Clemente Mrs. Sherry E. Trahan Partnership Fund $999.00
8. MS Clopper Mill ES Ms. Jennifer D. Wilhelm/OTR/L Occupational Therapy/Autism Program $786.92
9. Clopper Mill ES Mrs. Amy L. Witherly Autism $627.00
10. Division of Accelerated and Mrs. Mary Cay Ricci We Can Make our Brain's Grow! $555.00
11. EnrichedEastern MS                        Mr. Sandford Robeck Circle of Courage - $600.00
12. Thomas Edision HS of Technology Mr. Teresa Marie Smith GenerosityRestaurant  Management/Academy of Hospitality $1,000.00
13. Fairland ES Ms. Kristin Schroeder Behavior Clinic $989.70
14. Gaithersburg ES Ms. Angela C. Henderson K'nex to STEM Instruction $751.60
15. Georgian Forest Mr. Matthew Wells Digi Block Resource Library $264.00
16. Greenwood  ES Mrs. Susan V. Newman Settlers and Ancient Mosaics $833.06
17. Stephen Knolls Miss Arlene Arthur and Mrs. Lucy Nolan Our Students Have A Voice $1,058.40
18. Longview School Mrs. Kristina Hawkins Switch Click $442.00
19. Col. Zadok Magruder HS Mrs. Donna S. Considine MBGR Project/Cloning $1,000.00
20. Montgomery County Infant and Toddlers Program-- Ms. Tara Lewerenz Analysis of Oral Motor T0ols for the Infants and Toddlers Program $1,000.00
21. EmoryMontgomery Grove  County Infant and Toddlers Program- Ms. Amy Pegram Parent Coaching: Play, Communication, $1,000.00
22. -MontgomeryEmory Grove  County Infant and Toddlers Ms. Lisa Glines, Ms. Jill Roach, and Ms. Rachel Henry Upcounty/Neelsville Site $925.57
23. ProgramMontgomery--                   County Infant and Toddlers Ms. Lauren Mangrum Infant and Toddlers Program $1,000.00
24. ProgramMontgomery--                    Blair Ms. Kathleen C. Connecting with Statistics $1,000.00
25. HSRegional  Institute of >Children and Adolescents (RICA) Ms. Annie M. Silbey Sensory Integration Equipment $898.96
26. Regional Institute of Children and Adolescents (RICA) Mrs. Michelle Schultze Non-Violent Crisis Prevention $1,088.96
27. Regional Institutes of Children and Adolescents Mrs. Michelle Schultze Stand Up Desks $983.20
28. (RockRICA View)       ES Ms. Kristen Schroeder Behavior Clinic $985.57
29. Springbrook HS Ms. Monica Lee Audio Books Reading $1,000.00
30. Julius West Middle School Mr. Geoffrey W. Prin ProgramBooks for  Ballers - Boys Book Club $996.19
31. Westover ES Ms. Carly Hockenberry Autism Program $561.63
32. Westover ES Ms. Jessica L. Jordan Autism Program $912.50
33. Whetstone ES Ms. Gretchen M. Ndousse- Fetter Robotics Club $879.00
  Grants Funded   $28,309.84